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Little Debbie® 2023 Birthday Box

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What's included in the
Little Debbie Birthday Box?

Birthday Cakes
2 boxes with 8 cakes each

Zebra® Cakes
1 box with 5 twin-wrapped cakes

Cosmic Brownies
1 box with 6 brownies

Birthday Cake Mini Muffins
2 boxes with 5 pouches each

1 Birthday Card

1 Confetti Popper

8 Birthday Candles

2 Exclusive Stickers

Do you have a loved one with a birthday coming up? Send a party right to their doorstep! The Little Debbie Birthday Box will bring smiles to those celebrating the little milestones as well as the big ones. It is packed with some of our favorite cakes and treats, as well as a variety of celebration supplies to help you throw a party to remember!

Make it a party!

Tell Your Friends

Photo Props

Birthday Banner
Bring on the Decor

Birthday Crown
Color & Wear Birthday Crown

Spotify Playlist
Let the Dance Party Begin

Share Your Birthday Box Pictures with Little Debbie!



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